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Has your laptop crashed, leaving you without access to your files? Are you having problems with the latest updates on your PC? Is your laptop cracked or damaged after a fall or knock? If you need laptop repairs in Leeds, contact Digital World today. We are your local one stop shop for electronic repair services, with experienced technicians waiting to tackle your issue.


We understand that a problem with a laptop or PC is urgent to you, and we know that you need a solution quickly. Whether you use your computer for work, to socialise or just to browse, we want to make sure you can get back on line and access all your information again as quickly as possible. We can diagnose any technical issue and recommend the right solution, and we have a huge stock of spare parts at our store which allows us to fix most common issues. 

All makes and models are welcome at our laptop repair centre, so bring us your Acers, Dells, Macbooks and more. We can also repair mobile phones and tablets if requested. We pride ourselves on being able to get most computing devices up and running again, even when they seem beyond hope. We have delighted many customers over the years by restoring seemingly ruined laptops, and we will always go the extra mile to get the job done right for you. That's why we are so highly recommended by our clients, and why we are many people's first choice for laptop repairs in Leeds. If you need a quote or more information, please call Digital World today on 01132 458560.

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